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We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Alter with the addition of Alter Home Loans. 

​As a wholesale mortgage broker, Alter Home Loans provides unbeatable loan terms that allow you to purchase a higher priced home for the same payment local banks can offer. 


Alter Home Loans provides exceptional rates and unrivaled service to every customer, every time.


We provide the convenience of design, build, and financing in one stop. Since we are a wholesale mortgage broker, our lenders use common sense underwriting to close your loan as fast as possible. When closing times and accuracy matter, AHL delivers.


What We Offer

Loans We Offer


Most people are taught buying a house requires 20% down, but those days are long gone.  We offer first time homebuyer conventional loans with as little as 3% down.

HUD Approved Reverse Mortgages

Thinking about purchasing a second home? Adding a pool or outdoor living space? Look no further than the "Swiss army knife" of home equity.  

Conventional Cash Out Refinance

Ever wanted to remodel your kitchen or add an outdoor living area?  A cash out refinance uses existing equity in your house to finance those projects.

Conventional Rate/ Term Refinance

 Want to lower your existing monthly payment?  A rate and term refinance allows you to lower your interest rate without having to start your original loan term over.

FHA Streamline Rate/ Term Refinance

If you have an existing FHA mortgage, we can offer a streamline refinance to lower your payment without an appraisal!  In some cases, income qualifying is not required as well.

FHA Purchase

First time homebuyers can benefit from this loan as it allows for higher debt-to-income ratios than conventional mortgage loans.

(Veterans Affairs) Home Purchase

Offered to active and retired military service members, this loan can usually be set up for 100% financing with minimal or no money down payment requirements.

VA IRRL Refinance

What to reduce your monthly VA mortgage payment?  This fixed rate loan is known as an IRRRL (Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan).  There are no appraisal or income qualifying requirements.

VA Cash Out Refinance

Did you know you may be able to borrow 100% of your home’s appraised value to pay off student loan, car loan, or credit card debt? Your existing mortgage loan balance, if applicable, is simply subtracted from the new loan and you take the difference in cash.



Our Address

136 St. Matthews Ave - Suite 200

Louisville, KY 40207

Our Phone No.

(502) 550-3872

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